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Complete Grid Tie Plug-N-Play Solar Systems

1.2 kw to over 5 kw

For Under $1.46/Watt!

  • Use the Solar Power Calculator to determine your power requirements and what percentage  you would like to see as using solar power
  • Select from the product list which system you would like to use.
  • Place your order for the system or individual item(s) *
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*Allow 6 to 8 weeks delivery

SVP Plug-n-Play systems can be installed by anyone with basic electrical knowledge & skills. Also included will be instructions for setting up and wiring your solar modules to the power inverter. We will be here to answer any questions you may have before, during and after your system is installed.

The calculator on the lower right will also show you what your cost would be purchasing your system through a solar dealer/distributor in your area. You will see just how much you will be saving by using our systems. I know for a fact you will like what you see!


We can not stress enough that you, a friend or relative working with you needs to have a basic understanding of electronics to safely and correctly install your system, and should be inspected by a licensed electrician for final hook-up.



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(Kit includes power inverter, solar modules and wiring only)

UniRac E-Volution Roof Mounting System


1.2 Kw  SYSTEM   KIT                 $1452.00    

2.5 Kw  SYSTEM   KIT                 $3061.00    

3.5 Kw  SYSTEM   KIT                 $3584.00     

5.0 Kw  SYSTEM   KIT                 $5120.00      



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